Working with the families is a HUGE part of Puppy Kindergarten.  We strive to provide resources and support before, during, and after Puppy K.  Our main goal in starting this program was to help the puppies transition smoothly into their forever homes and provide families with the support to complete that process themselves.  Some families have been kind enough to allow me to share their experience:



I have been meaning to send you an update for a while. Luna is great! Marcus said she did very well on the trip to Alaska...slept most of the way, so thanks for wearing her out.  On that first evening here she was introduced  to snow and she loves it!  It's so cute to watch her bound through it!  She'll jump around and bury her nose in it. She loves climbing the snow banks too. 

And what a smart pup! She's only had one accident (our fault not hers) and has nearly stopped all barking in the crate. She has also learned to sit when asked and is getting better with the commands of wait and here. 

You were right, she loves to snuggle and we love to snuggle her. We love what a smart, loving, and fun pup she is. She is the perfect fit for our family. Thank you for getting her started on the right track. Our friends are amazed that she sleeps through the night, is house broken, and accepts the crate...we give you guys full credit!!!

I've attached some pictures of Luna in the snow and with our family. Thanks again for everything, and I hope all is well with you! 

Liesl and Marcus
Maxwell, Esme, and Luna"

"Hi Allie,

So Juno has been amazing :) He was in his crate the whole time and didn't whine at all (I did sit next to him though). 10 hrs with hourly potty/snuggle breaks wasn't a problem at all! 

He had some accidents the first night but it's probably due to the traveling stress and new home. He hasn't done it again! Slept in his crate like a champ! He only whines for a few minutes max when we put him in the crate. 

He already knows how to sit, but seems to do it more readily when treats are involved :). 

He's already a huge part of our life, and we love him! Here are some photos of the cutie pie :) thanks so much for the crate training :)

Ps-We said no upstairs access until he's older,  but he s already joining us in the kitchen during dinner (he gets his own bone of course)! 

Thanks for everything again!


"Hi Allie,

I wanted to give you an update on Jeff !  When we picked him up from puppy pre k we couldn't believe how much had been accomplished in the time that you had him. He was sleeping through the night just a few days into being home and only had a handful of accidents (that were our fault).  He recently  learned to use bells to go outside in an afternoon! He's such a sweetheart, everyone he meets loves him ,our neighbors, vet, groomer and obedience teacher all say that  he has a wonderful temperament .But most importantly our daughters absolutely love him , I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work and devotion to your dogs ,  it truly shows and we could not be happier with our new family member . 

Thanks again, The Bryant Family"

"Dear Allie,
    It's taken me too long to send you my expression of appreciation for your Puppy Kindergarten.  My husband and I were and have been impressed with Stryker's abilities from the first day home with us.
   I believe it was very helpful that we had named him before we were even his parents.  He responded immediately to his name.  He slept all night in his crate the first day home; and has ever since.  He never showed signs of separation anxiety.  We followed your suggestions of attending to him if he whimpered but not if he barked.  From that, he has not been a "barker" per se which delights our family.  He took to the leash beautifully and learned several basic commands before he was 11 weeks old.
   Please know we believe the time Stryker spent with you and your family was valuable to his success becoming the joy of this family.
    Thank you Allie for all you do for these young pups experiencing the world for the first time.
               Fondly, Gina & Reggie McNeil"


"Good morning Allie!  

We just wanted to send a few pics of Bruin enjoying her new home.  So far she seems to have adjusted just fine, and has gone from about 5 minutes of crying when put in her crate to less than 20 seconds last night.  She has kept her crate dry every time she has been in there, and seems to enjoy the quiet time to herself once she settles down.  She's had a few accidents, a couple times it seems when she was not getting the attention she wanted, and a time or two when we missed her signals.  She's getting better at going to the door when she has to go though and we're getting better at noticing it!

Thank you for everything you taught her!  She definitely has been a joy already and we know that her week with you helped tremendously.  Oh and she definitely loves to cuddle!

Melissa & Matt"

"As far as Chewie goes, everything is going fantastic and he is doing great with the family.  PuppyK obviously helped a lot - no #2 accidents in the house, no problems with the leash, and he is already lying down near my feet at the dinner table without a leash." -Todd