Apple's list is full--will open list if more puppies are AVAILABLE

Please see information below to download an application and get on one of our waiting lists.


we are taking reservations for future litters!


updated Upcoming litters

  • Mid May we are expecting a litter of standard f1's to Apple and Cooper. *Full--will open again if more puppies are available
  • This year we hope to have a variety of litters available.  We are in the process of retiring mamas and having new mama's come of age.  I will post updated information as I have it.  I have waitlists going for each type of doodle we offer and will work on a first come first serve basis as that litter becomes available. 

We are taking reservations!

What is a Puppy Application?

We want our puppies to go to only the best homes. We check you out just like you checked us out! We also use the application to match you with a puppy with the right temperament for your household.


How do I reserve a puppy?

We accept puppy reservations on a first come first serve basis. A hard copy of puppy application and $300.00 check reserves a spot on the upcoming puppy list. Download the application and mail it in along with the deposit. The deposit goes towards the final cost and is deducted from the amount due on pick-up day. We do form a list of "interested in next litter people" before we have the official due date and then notify them when the puppies are here.



Which puppy do I pick?

When the puppies are born we watch each puppy and track them for several weeks. We will take pictures of each puppy and send them to you. We recommend you look for two or three puppies that catch your eye. Around week 6, we give each puppy a temperament test.  Then we work with each person to match them up with the best match, starting with the first person on our list. By 7 weeks we will together narrow down just the right doodle for you.


We live at a distance. Will you ship my new puppy?

Sorry, we will not. Here are the options: 

The first option: Drive to Evergreen Doodles on "puppy pick-up day"! We love when people come to our farm to meet us and pick up their new Doodle.

The second option: Puppy pick up/ mini vacation (I have one or two folks that opt for this choice almost every litter). They fly into Seattle or Bellingham, rent a car and pick up their pup, and take their pup as a carry on -on the plane. While here they often make it a special event and they take in the beautiful sites of the San Juan Islands, quaint Bellingham and Seattle! 


Check out our mama's and papa's!

 Mama Mercy

Mama Mercy

Purchase Information

How much do they cost?

Our puppies range from $2300-3200 plus tax. 

Standard F1- $2300 + tax

Standard F1b-$2300 + tax

Medium F1-$2800 + tax

Medium F1b-$2800 + tax

Standard F1 English/Teddy Bear-$2800 + tax

Medium F1 English/Teddy Bear-$3200 + tax

With some of our litters, we require the puppies get spayed/neutered before they go home.  In these cases we take care of the procedure and also charge the spay/neuter cost of around $200. We can accept cash, check, credit card, PayPal, or the "Cash App," on or before puppy-pick up day.  The deposit goes towards the final cost and is deducted from the amount due on pick-up day. 

What does this include?

All puppies go home with the following:

  • A microchip will be provided (because the microchip is a blunt object it is best to give it to your vet so he can insert it when your pup is under anesthesia for its spay/neuter.)
  • Your new pet will have all their puppy shots up to 8 weeks.
  • You will go home with a new collar and leash.
  • Documents on puppy's parents will be supplied.
  • A small sample bag of the puppy food they've been eating
  • 3 Nuvet Vitamins (6 days supply)
  • Access to training tips and recommendations from Evergreen Doodles.
  • A 2-year genetic health guarantee
  • A "Puppy Pack" including a health record pamphlet, a transition blanket with mama's scent on it from Gooddogbeds, and some other goodies for you and your puppy!

When can we bring our doodle home?

At 8-9 weeks goldendoodles go home!

Sometimes we will offer an extra 1 week Puppy Kindergarten program and the puppies will go home at 9-10 weeks. 

Is the deposit non-refundable?

Yes, it is non refundable.  The great thing about the deposit is it is my promise to you to hold a puppy for you and your promise to me to keep your commitment to adopt that puppy.

Can We Come Visit?

Yes and No

Yes, we welcome visitors and people who have reserved a pup when the puppies are 8-9 weeks old. We call it "Puppy Pickup Day." This is a very exciting day around our house. It is always fun for us to meet the families and get to see everyone meet their puppy.

No, we do not accept visitors before the pups are 8 weeks old. Because of the threat of the parvo virus which can inadvertently come on to our farm via visitor's clothing or shoes we are very strict about our no visitor policy. It is our number one priority to keep the puppies healthy and growing so they are ready to go home at 8 weeks to their forever families. If one puppy is exposed to the parvo virus it spreads quickly and can wipe out every puppy on the farm. We adhere to this strict policy and you will find that most conscientious breeders do the same.