We have puppies available!

Born on the 4th of July! I have standard f1b’s who are available and ready to go home to their forever families.

Please fill out an application and email it to me to adopt one of these sweeties.

From left to right: “Franklin” (Red Collar-Male), “Hoover” (Orange Collar-Male)


They will be ready to go home November 23, or November 30 if you sign up for puppy kindergarten. Please see our Available Puppies page to fill out an application to get on their list. *2 spots open


Expecting our first litter of F1b Teddy Bear Doodles (aka English Doodles). We will consider them a standard size but they are going to be on the line between medium and standard, estimating 35-45 pounds full grown. *4 spots available

we are taking reservations

What is a Puppy Application?

We want our puppies to go to only the best homes. We check you out just like you checked us out! We also use the application to match you with a puppy with the right temperament for your household.


How do I reserve a puppy?

We accept puppy reservations on a first come first serve basis. A hard copy of puppy application and $300.00 check reserves a spot on the upcoming puppy list. Download the application and mail it in along with the deposit. The deposit goes towards the final cost and is deducted from the amount due on pick-up day. We do form a list of "interested in next litter people" before we have the official due date and then notify them when the puppies are here.



Which puppy do I pick?

When the puppies are born we watch each puppy and track them for several weeks. We will take pictures of each puppy and send them to you. We recommend you look for two or three puppies that catch your eye. Around week 6, we give each puppy a temperament test.  Then we work with each person to match them up with the best match, starting with the first person on our list. By 7 weeks we will together narrow down just the right doodle for you.


We live at a distance. Will you ship my new puppy?

We do not ship puppies in cargo.  Most of our out of town customers will fly to the Seattle International Airport and then drive up to Ferndale (about 1.5 hour drive) to pick up their puppy.  While here they often make it a special event and they take in the beautiful sites of the San Juan Islands, quaint Bellingham and Seattle! 

We can also meet you at the Bellingham International Airport.  Usually flights touch down in Seattle but then take another 20 min flight up to Bellingham.  We are happy to bring your puppy and all their supplies and meet you in baggage claim before flying back home.  

When can we bring our doodle home?

At 8-9 weeks goldendoodles go home!

Sometimes we will offer an extra 1 week Puppy Kindergarten program and the puppies will go home at 9-10 weeks. 


Check out our mama's and papa's!

Mama Mercy

Mama Mercy

Purchase Information

How much do they cost?

Our puppies range from $1900-2800 plus tax. 

Standard F1 Goldendoodle- $2300 + tax

Standard F1b Goldendoodle-$1900 + tax

Medium F1 Goldendoodle-$2500 + tax

Medium F1b Goldendoodle-$2500 + tax

Standard F1 English/Teddy Bear Goldendoodle-$2500 + tax

Medium F1 English/Teddy Bear Goldendoodle-$2800 + tax

Standard F1b English/Teddy Bear Goldendoodle -$2500 + tax

Medium F1b English/Teddy Bear Goldendoodle-$2800 + tax

A $300 deposit is required to reserve your spot for a puppy. We can accept the payment via personal check, credit card, PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App. This goes towards the final cost and is deducted from the total amount.

What does this include?

All puppies go home with the following:

  • A microchip will be provided (because the microchip is a blunt object it is best to give it to your vet so he can insert it when your pup is under anesthesia for its spay/neuter.)

  • Your new pet will have all their puppy shots up to 8 weeks.

  • You will go home with a new collar and leash.

  • Documents on puppy's parents will be supplied.

  • A small sample bag of the puppy food they've been eating

  • 3 Nuvet Vitamins (6 days supply)

  • Access to training tips and recommendations from Evergreen Doodles.

  • A 2-year genetic health guarantee

  • Health record pamphlet

  • Transition blanket with mama's scent on it

When can we bring our doodle home?

At 8-9 weeks goldendoodles go home!

Sometimes we will offer an extra 1 week Puppy Kindergarten program and the puppies will go home at 9-10 weeks. 

Is the deposit non-refundable?

Your deposit is refundable until you commit to a litter that has been born.  If for some reason you change your mind or decide to go with another breeder before your litter is born I will shred your deposit and application.  Once a litter is born and you have committed via communication with me I will turn in your deposit and it is no longer refundable.  If we do not have a good match for you in the litter you've committed to, I can transfer you to a new litter list.  Otherwise, your deposit is non-refundable. 

Can We Come Visit?

Yes and No

We are consistently amazed at how wonderful our customers are! Working together to raise your new family member is such a joy and we are always met with love, encouragement and support for our family lifestyle.  Most of the customers we work with WANT that home environment for their puppy and understand our philosophy.  If it is not feeling right with you, that's okay! I would recommend finding a breeder who matches your philosophy.

Yes, we welcome visitors and people who have reserved a pup when the puppies are 8-9 weeks old. We call it "Puppy Pickup Day." This is a very exciting day around our house. It is always fun for us to meet the families and get to see everyone meet their puppy.

No, we do not accept visitors before the pups are 8 weeks old. We consider these concerns as indicative of our reputability as a breeder—the safety of our puppies, dogs, and family will always be placed above a potential sale.

  1. We have health concerns for the puppies, who are still developing their little immune systems and not yet protected by vaccinations and maturity. (People can inadvertently—or even intentionally—carry diseases in on their shoes, hands, and clothing.) Information about parvo and canine influenza.

  2. We have health concerns for our mothers. Activity and new people in the house are a significant source of stress for nursing moms. Stress produces cortisol and other stress hormones, and those hormones go into mom’s milk and directly into the puppies, causing biochemically induced stress in the puppies. This is not healthy for moms or pups. Stressed moms also can get frantic and accidentally roll on or step on newborn puppies if they panic. This is obviously a concern for us.

  3. We are a real family, with a real life. We have home responsibilities and prioritize spending time raising our animals and son by giving them our engaged attention. I'm always struggling to find a balance--as I am an extrovert and LOVE having people over. Inviting strangers over on a regular basis is not conducive to a strong and balanced family life.

  4. Significant harm has come to people like breeders or real estate agents who work in home-type environments where unknown people are routinely invited in.

  5. These puppies are also not ours to risk—they belong to the families that are taking them home and we are just their caretakers for a brief period of time.

To help families be a part of their puppy's raising, I keep a weekly blog post on each litter.  It is updated with individual pictures of the puppies, what growth they have gone through, what's been happening around our house, and any recommendations I have for preparing for your pup.  It's truly a fun interactive experience and I always hear great feedback about our level of involvement through the blog post.