We want each of our dogs to be spoiled, loved, and the heart of their own family.  To be sure they each live happy and healthy lives we have each of our mama's and papa's in our Guardian Home Program.

What is a guardian home?

A guardian home is a family who takes care of one of our mamas or papas as their family pet.  While the dog technically belongs to us, they are truly their guardian family's.  The dog comes to our home to deliver and raise their puppies then returns home to their own family.  We provide the dog at no cost to the family in exchange for them to help us with driving the dog to and from appointments and their love and attention to the dog.  When the mama retires from having litters, the family becomes their complete owner.


Why we use this program...

We use the guardian home program because we love dogs.  We are a small scale operation and want to keep it that way.  This way each mama, papa, and litter get's our full attention while they are with us and the loving attention of their family while they are away.  Our guardian program allows us to ensure the best for all.  Another bonus is getting to be in community with our guardian families! We love getting to share our love for the pups and invite them as well into our home and business.  It is true what they say--joy is multiplied when it is shared! 


Interesed in being a guardian home?

If you live within 20 miles of Bellingham and may be interested in being a guardian home, please contact me for more information.  We are very picky about who is a guardian home and there is an application process and several requirements.  It is not for everyone! It is not just a "free dog." Being a guardian home involves a lot of sacrifice of time and energy.  It is also a sacrifice of freedom to make choices about the dog--everything must be run by us.  This is a great program for people who want to be in community with other dog lovers, have flexibility in their schedule, enjoy visiting the country, and of course--love playing with puppies!!